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Name: Kelcie Anne Dargan
Nicknames: Kelzo Dargan Kelc Dorthy
Age: 14
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Status: Single
Location: D*bo MI
Color(s): Purple rainbow black blue pink
3+ Bands: The Used The blood brothers Something corporate
3+ Stores: hot topic pac sun salvation army
3+ Movies: 13 NMBC Moulin Rouge
Outfit (tell us any way you want): Jeans and my black w/ pink polka dotted shirt
Gay or Lesbian marriage: I'm straight but I think if u have love for someone they should get married
Sex with out marriage: if u know its love not lust
Abortion: Unless u rele have to have one i dont agree with it
Drugs/Alcohol: People shouldnt rele get into it it will ruin ur life
Love at first sight: yeah
Cutting: I've done it before and a big mistake
Suicide:"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem"
Make us laugh: One time i got bored and ran around my house w/ a coat on my legs....
Describe yourself in ONE word: AMAZING
Picture of someone you think is hot/cute:
My friend Tommy!
Do you play an instrument? If so what: Guitar
Advertise us in one place and show the link:
3+ clear pictures of yourself:
Me when i got my hair dyed!
I went to Jamica and got my hair braided
Me when my friends tackeled me to tak a pic!
Me with my friend cory!

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