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Name: Daile
Nicknames: Aly (my girlfriend calls me that. no one else.), Prophecy Girl, Chris, "D", Faith..
Age: 21
Gender: female, but genderqueer
Sexuality: queer..
Status: completely taken and engaged. (we've been together 5 years.)
Location: wildwood, florida


Color(s): neon pink, black, neon green, lavender
3+ Bands: circle takes the square, blood brothers, mychlidren mybride
3+ Stores: thrift stores.. er.. splattergod records (i think it's closed now, though), and hot topic on double clearance day!
3+ Movies: gia, the 60's. the butterfly effect
Outfit (tell us any way you want): unfortunately, due to medication weight gain, i can't fit into any of my "cool" clothes anymore.. so currently, my favorite outfit consists of yoga pants and a tanktop.. because it's comfortable, slimming, and easy to dance in. dance/music is my life.


Gay or Lesbian marriage: LET US MARRY, dammit. Canada will, why won't the U.S.?
Sex with out marriage: if you're willing to accept the responsibilities that come with having sex, then go ahead and have it..
Abortion: it needs to be kept legal. women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies. but on the same token, it shouldn't be used as a form of birth control. that's what condoms are for, sweethearts.
Drugs/Alcohol: i quit all of that. it's a waste of your time and your life, and i lost my best friend to it. it's not worth it. once someone you love dies from it, you'll see.
Love at first sight: it can happen. i knew i loved my girl the moment i walked past her. i saw it in her eyes.
Cutting: i've been there. and i'm not going to put it down, but it's not "omfgz it'z soooo00 kewliez" either. it's a symptom of a disease, and if you're doing it, you're crying out for help for some reason or another, and it's important to figure out what that reason is.
Suicide: it's heartbreaking. when my best friend tried to kill herself, i felt lost and betrayed.. wasn't i a good enough friend to her? where did i make a mistake? what should i have done better? but.. what people don't understand is that it's not really anyone's fault. it comes from the inside. from too much pain. so i can understand it, but i still think it's the most selfish thing you can do--and it's final. there's no going back.

Make us laugh: two guys walk into a bar... ...that must have hurt..
Describe yourself in ONE word: loyal
Picture of someone you think is hot/cute:

my friend sara. also my ex. but we're on great terms--it was ended unanimously. =)

Do you play an instrument? If so what: keyboard, and i'm teaching myself guitar.
Advertise us in one place and show the link:

3+ clear pictures of yourself:

i'd love to be a co-mod. <3
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